Happy Talk and 3 Simple Secrets to Happiness

Happy Talk and 3 Simple Secrets to Happiness

What is the one thing you want more than anything else for the people you love the most? If you had a magic wand what would you grant your family and friends? What is it that everyone wants?

To be happy!

How can you make other people happy until you are happy? How can you be happy?

Lester Levenson, creator of The Sedona Method, discovered the key to happiness. He searched for 47 years and nearly died in the process but he did find it. Do you want to know what it is?

Lester had a breakthrough after much soul searching and found out how to be happy only after reviewing his entire life. He spotted a common pattern, one that was present in every happy moment.

Whenever he was feeling love towards another person he felt happy. And whenever he felt any other feeling he was not happy.

Test this principle for yourself. Think of a time when you were blissfully happy. Did you feel loving at that time? This works for me every time. Is this easy or what? Simply amazing!

If this sounds too simple to work I know that you have not tested it for yourself. Turning on a light bulb is easy too only because someone else figured it out!

Now it is time for Happy Talk or how to talk in a way that makes your family and friends happy…

1. Be Happy Yourself

Spend twenty minutes asking yourself:

  • who do I love most in my life?
  • what do I love most about myself?
  • what things do I love most in my life?

After doing this exercise you will feel much happier. And you will have done it without having to spend any money on expensive clothes, cars or holidays!

2. Spread the happiness

Now that you feel happy you will radiate this to whoever you spend time with. Happiness is infectious. Just be yourself and top up the happiness by quietly asking yourself the above three questions when you are in company.

3. Show your friends and family how to be happy

Depending on how well you know your friends you may want to approach this step in one of two ways.

If you want to play it safe ask your friend to talk about times when she was happy. Let her talk and just listen as she relives those wonderful times from the past.

Share your own favorite moments too. Enjoy yourself!

If the people you are with are more open to the ideas we are discussing here take them through the steps I covered above in section one. Ask them these questions:

  • who do you love most in my life?
  • what do you love most about myself?
  • what things do you love most in my life?

The Dalai Lama teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. Go on and live a life of purpose with your family and friends!