CBT – Scooter Training and Buying Scooters Online

CBT – Scooter Training and Buying Scooters Online

CBT – scooters and scooter training

How to pass a CBT and what to expect.

CBT or compulsory basic training is not the walk in the park is used to be, it is possible to fail your CBT.

That being said it is not that difficult to pass, especially if you know the rules of the road.

So, what’s involved?

1. Eye test
You will need to be able to read a number plate off a wall

2. Sit through the safety talk
The safety talk usually includes clothing and helmet advice, general road safety and a few other things. The talk lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

3. Basic maneuvers
You will be shown basic scooter skills and asked to complete several maneuvers. This is usually done on private land and not on the road.

4. The road test.
You will need to ride around the roads showing an instructor that you are a safe rider.
The ride lasts about 2 hours and is generally very easy, providing you know the rules of the road.

5. Certificate
If you have completed all of the sections successfully then you should get your certificate at the end of the day, you wont have to do your CBT again for 2 whole years.

6. If you don’t pass
You will be asked to come back and repeat the areas that you failed on, this would most likely be the road ride.

If you really struggle on the roads then why not take a few car driving lessons, maybe even take the car theory test. These things help you build confidence and knowledge.

If you do decide to take the car theory test I would recommend buying the driving test cdrom, it has mock tests and questions to help you learn the rules of the road.

Buying a scooter?

Here comes the fun part, getting a new scooter!

Scooters these days are very cheap, you can *buy scooters online* for under £600, brand new.

Used scooters vary in price depending on lots of factors, including age, brand name and condition.

New scooters can be very cheap online, you can also buy brand named scooters from dealerships.

Cheap Chinese scooters vs brand named scooters.

Cheap Chinese scooters have a bit of a reputation to say the least, the early scooters where not very good in terms of build quality. They used cheap materials, especially the wiring.

Things have changed and now Chinese scooters are much better, I personally had a fairly high end Chinese Motorcycle and despite hearing some horror stories about Chinese bikes I can honestly say that I never had a major problem with my bike at all. In fact it was probably one of the best motorcycles I have ever ridden, and I have had ridden quite a few.

When I bought my Chinese motorbike it was 3 years old, had done about 7,500 miles and cost me about £700. The bike looked fantastic and I can honestly say that I lost count of of the amount of people that asked me about the bike. I would stop off at the shops and people would ask me about it, I’d be locking it up outside my house and people would ask me about it, I even heard people talking about it when I was in my house with the window open, “wow thats a nice bike, I want one like that”.

The bike never broke down once, I never had to take it to a garage to be repaired and I never regretted buying it at all, I loved it and I miss it terribly!

My point is that just because Chinese scooters have a bad reputation doesn’t make them bad. Chinese scooters are relitavely new so there are bound to be teething problems that will eventually be worked out. As the years have gone on, many of these teething problems have been resolved, making Chinese scooters the market leader in terms of quality for price.

For those of you old enough to remember, people used to say that Kawasaki and Yamaha were cheap imports when they first came out, as the years have gone on these brands are now the top dogs in terms of price and quality.

In years to come Chinese bikes and scooters will probably get the recognition that they deserve as being great bikes for a low price.

Branded scooters

Brand named scooters cost far more than most Chinese scooters, so what do you get for your extra money?

1. Brand name recognition. If you are a bit of a poser, like me, a nice brand name on anything from shoes to vetches can be a nice little ego boost.
2. Quality. The teething problems of established brands are long in the past, Aprillia, Suzuki etc are experts in the area of scooter design and engineering, they have bee building bikes for decades and know exactly what they are doing.
3. Resale value. Chinese scooters do not hold their value as well as brand named ones. If you are buying new with the intention to resell then you will get a better return from a well known brand name scooter.
4. Repair. If your brand named scooter brakes down the spares will be far easier to come by the parts for Chinese scooters, and therefore far cheaper to repair.
5. Safety. I have heard stories about Chinese scooters breaking down at traffic lights, falling to pieces at junctions and so on. You rarely hear the same stories about brand name scooters.

So, which do I buy?

A brand new Chinese scooter should cost between £549 and £899 depending on style and engine size.

A brand new scooter from a well known company can set you back several thousand pounds.

It’s not a straightforward decision but if you only want something to get you from A to B and back again then a Chinese scooter may be the way to go. As the years have gone by these scooters have become very reliable so as long as you are willing to accept the risk of getting a bad one, you would probably be far better off getting a Chinese scooter.

Staying safe

Safety is paramount on the roads, assuming that you are the safest scooter rider on the planet it won’t stop an inconsiderate or dangerous car driver from smashing in to you at 90mph.

There are 3 main things that you can do to stay safe on the roads, they are as follows;

1. Visibility. High resolution reflective jackets are hardily a fashionable accessory, but they help you be seen on the road. Do not underestimate the safety value of one of these jackets or vests.

2. Sound. Scooters tend to be quiet, making them louder could save your life. If a car drier can hear you, he’ll be looking out for you. If he can not hear you he wont be looking for you. It’s as simple as that.

If you are looking up in the sky you may see a plane. If you hear a plane you will automatically look up to the sky. The same principle applies to motorbikes and scooters on the road.

3. Safety gear.
Yes I know it’s fun to ride your motorbike in shorts and a t-shirt on a sunny day with the engine blaring and everybody looking at you, but lets face it. it’s hardily safe.
Protective coats with spine plates can help to ensure the use of your legs after an accident, a good helmet can help ensure that you live after an accident.

Including the above, there is one more way to stay safe on the roads. It’s a simply this – ride safely. Yes I know it’s fun to do 70mph, pulling wheelies and overtaking porches, but it’s not safe. If you fall off you could die.

I personally do not ride a motorbike at the moment, I got my car license and prefer driving because it is safer.

If I crash my car at 30mph I could easily walk away unscathed.

If I crash my motorbike at 30mph I could easily die.

That’s not to say I don’t miss my motorbike and the feeling of freedom it used to give me, I just value my safety more.

If you do decide to buy a scooter online, have fun but remember to stay safe.

Thanks for reading:)